Here’s some reviews from theater-goers of the David and Goliath movie that we compiled:

John Locantore Seen it, first movie that is right on with the Bible. Hope many non Christians see it. Very powerful
Maureen Yuen Just saw it! I loved hearing David quote scripture! I loved his unwavering faith and of course the ending! Sure there are things that you could say about the film that you wish were better. But, the film honored God in any case!
Dewayne Truly Blessed Harlan Hebrews 6: 10 For God is not unjust. He will not forget how hard you have worked for him and how you have shown your love to him by caring for other believers,[b] as you still do. … Thank You Jesus!!.. Thank You David and Goliath!!!.. This movie will lift up the faith of all believers!!!! God Bless You!!!
Christina Villanueva Tabernilla Faith started to grow like a tiny seed in my heart after i watched this movie… I’m excited to start reading the Book of Psalm now, thank you DAVID you made me believed that Faith can move a mountain !
Jess Rivera The movie was true to the bible. Was a good story many church such as calvary and other churches funded the film. Was worth it. In philadelphia united artist in Columbus was playing. Sad to say with all the work was put in fast and furious had more patrons. My family and I were only ones viewing movie Christians out there should support the work of these christian films. Even Cuba Gooding Jr contributed
James Samson Saw it yesterday. Great movie true to the Biblical account.
Cyndi Garcia Woo hoo wasn’t able to watch theater was packed hopefully get to see today
Julio Martinez Folks, We just viewed the David And Goliath (92 min. 2015) film. The redeeming factor is the EMPHASIS of FAITH in our JudeoChristian God throughout. How Great Thou Art was wonderfully sung with the closing credits. However, it is so invigorating to publicly hear the proclamation of faith in Divine Providence.
Linda Fidler Campbell The message is all so true.
Josie Edayan It was great! A Must see! David was Courageous and Bold. He prepared for battle with God’s mighty word!
Rebecca Alcoran Walker Very good movie , we watched yesterday!
Arlene Parayno Mercado  Excellent Movie..Job Well Done.  We admire of your courage & Hard Work Proclaiming the Word of God to the World..
Learianne BernardoI:  watched David And Goliath. It was a very good movie💕. I
encourage everybody to watch this movie.
Merian Esporas: Blessed are the righteous, 2nd in rating, Congrats guys
Angel Prostic: After watching this film, it really made true faith eye-poppingly real! it was an incredible and amazing portrayal of young David and all that he went through – with his family always doubting him…..
Paula Russell: I highly recommend David and Goliath and especially for those who expect a valuable and insightful Sunday school lesson.
Peter Wang:  The film is slow paced, which I love, and the storytelling by the filmmaker is just my cup of tea.
Bovadi: The words were real and human. The relationships seemed real and human. This may not seem like a great feat – but I consider it a true rarity. It didn’t feel calculated and artificial, like so many movies (read ‘Noah’)
Pastor Mark:  This film should be watched by everyone. I’m assuming a lot of the younger crowds might get bored by it, but anyone that’s able to sit through this quick hour and a half film (I saw it at a preview screening), mostly dialog driven, then please do yourself a favor and watch it. It’s an instant classic for a reason, and will be on the top of most Bible movie lists for a long time.
Debbe W: This movie was excellent and far surpassed my expectations. There is a definite message to it but it does not feel like a lecture. There is lots of action and lots of emotion. Everyone in the theater was both laughing and crying throughout the movie. The movie was well written and well acted.